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Posted: April 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

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I was reminded of this post of mine:‘If’, by Rudyard Kipling

Apparently, this Kipling was instrumental in facilitating a felicitation for the mass murderer Dyer. April 13th was the anniversary of the Jallianwallabagh incident. It had a deep impact on me when I first read about that history. How many barbarians have pillaged this land, and civilization! We are still suffering from these barbaric ideologies eating away India within. What happened in Delhi with several thousands of people of a particular ideology, congregating, and refusing to cooperate with Government containment efforts, some  most of them misbehaving with healthcare workers, is nothing but an undeclared war to damage India. Most of the state governments are not even naming the event when they discuss about the cause or source of the infection. The euphemism was “single source”, and “under special operations”.  All these can be traced to that Edwina lover; If India had got a real leader instead of that white nawab, when it was violently broken up, may be we had some chance of reclaiming our civilization.

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Don’t judge me by my actions today
for my good manners have deserted me,
while I weep endlessly
Don’t pay attention to how I talk
Don’t ask me to explain my sorrow
Forgive me if I don’t respond to your greetings
Don’t ask me to follow your rules
stand by me while I cry inconsolably
as I know not how else to express my hurt


RIP Steve

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I’m a bit late, perhaps a little too late to pay tributes to one of the greatest visionaries we have seen in recent times. The news of Steve Jobs’ passing away came as a real shocker to me as I came to know about it after more than two weeks have passed since he left this world. I was in disbelief, and asked a colleague of mine about it. He said I should have been living in a different world to not know about it for so long. He was right, I had indeed been living in a world of my own for a while.

I took a bet with a friend that we, the humans, will be able to make ‘artificial’ eyes; And that we will accomplish it within our lifetime. I was about twelve at that time. Seems like we are inching closer to achieving this feat:

Scientists inkjet-print adult eye cells for the first time | Geekquinox – Yahoo News Canada.

Searching for your shadows

Posted: August 30, 2017 in love, poetry

I went searching for your shadows
in the air that you breathed,
on the roads that you walked,
and on the hills that you strolled.

I went there searching
for the shards of your broken promise
knowing you would have been there.
I went there in search of your shadows
for, your last word to me was a black dot

your scent in the air
told me you were here
those fading footprints on the road were telling the story of your fabled arrival

The Mahabharat tells us the story of a great warrior named Karna, who meets his end in Kurukshetra. There are a lot of reasons that are listed for his fall. But if you look closely there is a single big mistake that Karna made, that was to make friendship with an evil prince Duryodhan. Karna accepted a favor from Duryodhan, and was in his debt forever, and chose the path of ‘Adharma‘, forever straying from the path of righteousness. For this reason, it is said that you should never accept favors (daan) from unrighteous people.