Of IITs and dustbins

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Trash can under lock and key

Trash can under lock and key

According to the ‘picture taken date’ on this photo, it was taken on June 2nd, 2008. I was at Gudur railway station waiting for a train when this dust bin caught my attention. It was chained to a pillar and there was a lock securing both ends of that chain. There can only be one explanation for such an extreme measure: without the lock, the dustbin would go missing. I’m not sure if they resorted to this measure after a few of the dustbins went missing or whether they implemented it as a precautionary measure; I guess it’s the first one because I haven’t noticed such a measure at any other railway station.

What reminded me of this old picture was this discussion on whether IITs need to have their campuses fenced. In a country where you need to keep the dustbins secured with a lock, I would say let the IITs have their compound walls. While we are on the subject, there are some interesting points made in that article. I liked the idea of sharing the infrastructure like convocation halls. Symbiosis in Pune used to rent its auditorium to third parties. I don’t see what’s stopping institutes like IIT Mumbai or IISc from doing something similar.


What do you think?

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