Progress card on life

Posted: June 14, 2010 in abstract, life

There comes a time when you have to explain your life to a one member jury, your conscience. Does it matter that you have been dealt with the wrong cards all the time? Does it matter that you have been hit the hardest where it hurts the most, and that every time you emerged stronger from the previous fall, there was a harder blow waiting?  would it matter that every attack you launched had been from a disadvantageous position, and that you had always been denied a level playing field in the battle? Would it be noted that you had always stuck with the values you believed in, even when it meant falling a few steps backwards?

No, none of these things matter but it matters that you are using too many excuses. Quit whining and go get something useful done, that’s what matters. Life doesn’t give what you ask for on a platter. It’s a tough journey, you have to fight for it hard and earn it.
  1. Purnima says:

    Hmmm.. interesting blog! Here for the first time and just skimmed through few posts.. over all.. intriguing and engaging..

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