Sweet torment

Posted: June 17, 2010 in abstract, love, poetry

What is it that about love that squeezes one’s heart until one can hardly breathe, yet fills with such an ecstatic feeling that one would willingly put oneself through endless suffering and agony for a brief moment in the presence of its true manifestation? What is that inexplicable feeling that you desperately don’t want to explain away in terms of the chemical and electromagnetic phenomena in your brain? That beautiful thought, that is so truly divine, how does one define it? There are hardly words in any language known to humanity, to describe that enchantment, that beautiful haunting. That panacea of human emotions that can cure all sufferings of humanity.That invisible force that can rip one’s heart apart and leave scars that only it is capable of erasing.
In its presence eternity seems to fade away in the blink of an eye.
Apart from it every moment seems to take an eternity.

True love, I’m such a fool to think I’m beyond your magical reach.
But then, is it fair on your part to chase me down and torture endlessly?
The more I run away from you, the more I seem to get under your grip,
Yet, the moment I set my eyes on you, you are elusive as ever.
I’m a mere mortal with a faint heart, why do you have to break it into a million pieces and stomp on it time and again?
Don’t you have no mercy whatsoever on my poor soul, tormenting it like that?
Why do you have to be so cruel towards the one who adores you so ardently?
Is seeking the comfort of your warm embrace so unforgivable?


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