Beautiful full Moon

Posted: June 27, 2010 in poetry, Uncategorized

Last night when I went running in the Sankey park, I was scanning the sky for the Moon, after I reached the other end of the lake. But the moon was not visible. I was coming back when I noticed a bright orange color object unveil itself from behind the clouds; it was of course the Moon.  I knew that a couple of days ago it was a  full moon day. The moon was almost completely circular today as well, and looked really big. I just stood still there soaking in the magnificent view of the full moon over the lake. It was an amazing feeling. It was a long time since I caught a glimpse of such a beautiful view of the moon. It reminded me of a newsgroup post that I made some six years ago, reminding people to go watch the full moon:

It is just to remind you all, of the spectacular natural beauty that we are ignoring in the presence of neon lights, and of course our hectic schedules.

Just go a little far from all these artificial lights
look at the blue sky and the dark clouds trying to cover it
feel the pure white milky light,
that the moon is pouring down on you.
And suddenly it becomes so dark, there is no moon,
he disappeared behind those dark,black clouds.
after a while he is becoming visible again,
as if he is playing with you.
Go identify him between those tall trees.


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