Reinventing fire safety

Posted: July 9, 2010 in india, rants
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On 3rd March there was a piece in TOI that said that the Carlton towers fire accident has positive effects too; and the positive effect they claim is the introduction of a new rule requiring all buildings to comply with fire safety guidelines. Wow! what a great learning from past mistakes. So, this is the first time fire accidents ever occurred? this is 2010, you morons. People have figured out fire safety centuries ago. If you think several people dying in a fire accident in 2010 in Bangalore is what it takes for us to learn about fire safety, then God save India. And by the way, the reason for so many people dying in the accident was that the fire escape was locked out in such a way that it couldn’t be opened by people from inside. I don’t understand how the compliance requirement is going to solve this problem even if we assume that the compliance requirement is a new invention; Would the police go to every building in Bangalore every morning and make sure that the fire escapes are not locked?


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