What Nehru said about giving powers to ‘Lokayukta’

Posted: July 12, 2010 in india, Uncategorized

dated January 9, 1960: Enquiry into charges

Prime Minister Nehru categorically ruled out any proposal for appointing a high power tribunal to enquire into and investigate charges of corruption against Ministers or persons in high authority, for the main reason that, in India, or for that matter any other country where there was a democratic set-up, he could not see how such a tribunal could function. The appointment of such a tribunal, Mr. Nehru felt, would “produce an atmosphere of mutual recrimination, suspicion, condemnation, charges and counter-charges and pulling each other down, in a way that it would become impossible for normal administration to function.” More than half the time of the Press conference was devoted by Mr. Nehru to deal with this question of appointing a tribunal to enquire into cases of corruption as recently urged by India’s former Finance Minister, Mr. C.D. Deshmukh.

The above information comes from The Hindu’s news archives : http://www.hindu.com/2010/01/09/stories/2010010955030802.htm

Draw your own conclusions as to why Nehru refused to let his ministers be investigated. Why is Congress party putting so much pressure on Karnataka government to bring its ministers under the purview of Lokayukta? Why is it not bringing in similar changes in states where Congress is in power, or better yet, nation wide including central government? Why is it that a certain media house which has become the mouthpiece of Congress elevating justice Hegde to the pedestal? ponder over these issues and see if you can connect the dots.


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