What did Nehru do for children?

Posted: July 24, 2010 in india, rants
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Apparently Narendra Modi said that Nehru didn’t do anything for children. Of course, this made the sycophants in the CONgress party furious. It is reported that they filed a case against Mr. Modi for saying such a blasphemous thing. It made me thinking, what did Nehru do for children, indeed? I couldn’t recollect anything. I spent a decade in school studying text books written by congress PR department. But they haven’t mentioned anything benevolent that Nehru did for children. Yeah, I do know that his birthday is celebrated as children’s day; why is that again? Can someone please remind me all the wonderful things that Nehru did for the children of India?

Now, let’s see; Today, more than six decades after India got independence from the British vampire, millions of children are still malnourished; Countless number of them are banished into child labor. We can’t even afford to provide primary education to all the children in the country.

Who was ruling the country for the last sixty-three  years? That’s right! Nehru and his children, and their children,  ad infinitum. OK! I get it; he did do a lot for children. You better not ask ‘for whose children?’.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well u r ryt. He just loves children and they loved him back. No other contributon to children

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