Inside a school for suicide bombers – Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Posted: July 25, 2010 in india, rants, religion
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See how innocent kids are being turned into terrorists. For some reason, Ms. Sharmeen was slightly defensive of the holy book in this talk. Notice when she says that the Taliban are misusing the Quran for their own purposes. It is true that the Taliban have their own agenda, but they are quoting right out of the Quran to claim that killing of innocent people is rewarded in Islam. I’m no expert in these matters, but if Islam doesn’t condone killing innocent people, why haven’t the mullahs issued fatwas against terrorism and outlawed Taliban?

Another thing that Ms. Sharmeen fails to inform the audience is that it’s not just the Taliban that run these schools. Pakistan government is funding a lot of terrorist training schools too. And by the way, the US government keeps donating billions of dollars to Pakistan, for its war against terrorism. You see the links? Given the fungible nature of money, it’s tantamount to the US Govt. funding these terrorist schools.Some people in the US have raised this issue, but the US keeps funding terrorism indirectly for reasons that I can’t fathom.  Just this week Hillary Clinton announced another $ 500 million ‘aid’ to Pakistan.

And yeah, I’m very glad that the Indian Govt. keeps funding madrasas; what a great way to use our scarce resources.

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