It’s official, the US is funding Taliban

Posted: July 27, 2010 in india, religion
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In my last post I mentioned that the US govt. is funding terrorism by giving billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan. Yesterday, Wikileaks released documents that show that the US establishments knew about ISI-Taliban links, and Pakistan government’s involvement in terrorism. It’s hardly news to anyone interested in these matters. However what needs explaining here is the reason why US is doing such a stupid thing. I’m no expert in these matters, but I see several possible explanations:

  • Military–industrial complex: It makes good business sense for defense suppliers to keep the US army engaged in a perpetual war. And this is ensured by doling out money to Pakistan knowing it would keep Taliban active. Atanu provides a very good analysis of this phenomenon.
  • Another explanation that I have come across is that by giving Pakistan money to buy weapons, US keeps fueling the arms race between Pakistan and India. India ends up spending a lot of money to acquire weapons, and that translates to lot of business for US companies.
  • Pakistan is outmaneuvering the US, and it is hapless in Afghanistan. US keeps giving money to buy whatever little co-operation it can get from Pakistan.

It is likely that a combination of all the above mentioned scenarios interacting in complex ways with a lot of other geopolitical power plays is the actual reason for the current situation.

  1. Ketan says:

    I think the first and the second points are interrelated in that they both help the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

    And no, one must never make the fatal error of assuming that the US *really* cab be outmanouvered by Pakistan.

    One more silly idea I have is that the US uses such instances to test its weapons and strategies (e.g., by waging war against Kuwait, Iraq and now, Afghanistatn).

    • introspeak says:

      You are right Ketan. The first two points are similar when looking at the MIC. However they do have some distinction when we look at it from India’s perspective. While in the first case, the US might be funding terrorism against India unintentionally, the second case suggests that the US is blatantly funding the unholy war against India. And yeah, it was my bad that I used MIC as list head for the first point 😦 Thanks for pointing out.

      While I don’t know enough to suggest that Pakistan is actually outsmarting the US, I do think that no one is infallible. And it seems there is at least some evidence that the US is painting itself into a corner when it comes to handling Pakistan:

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