Congress’s dirty linen

Posted: September 14, 2010 in india, rants
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Recently it was in the news that Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi made the following statements about the deceased former CM of A.P.,  Mr. RajaSekhar Reddy: (I’m paraphrasing)

We made him the chief minister for the second time because he was loyal. We kept quite while he was making huge amounts of money.

She supposedly made those statements in connection with Jagan, RajaSekhar Reddy’s son, who is not exactly toeing the line of Congress high command lately. Now let’s pass for a moment and reflect upon those statements and what they tell about Congress, and us.

We made him the chief minister for the second time because he was loyal.”  It’s not we, the people who elected the chief minister; it’s the wife of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who thrusts upon us corrupt, incompetent people. Our chief ministers are appointed, and of course our current prime minister is appointed too. It’s also clearly specified that they are appointed because they are loyal to the family, not because they are capable leaders. Of course, this is no news, and we all know about this. But that doesn’t seem to help us get out of our delusion that “India is the largest democracy in the world”. No, we are not a functioning democracy. We are living in a monarchical system that is wrapped in the facade of a symbolic democracy. If we want true democracy, we have to get disillusioned, and fight for it. I know; we are too busy fighting for our BMWs and Audis, to be worrying about democracy.

If you can’t comprehend the true meaning and implications of the second statement, you are either a Congress sycophant or you don’t have a functioning brain. I leave it to you to decide as to which group you belong to.


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