In hindsight there is always a better way

Posted: October 12, 2010 in abstract, life

In retrospect, there is always a better way you could have handled a situation, something more prudent that you could have done, a better informed decision that you could have made. But then, you would not have been the same person at present, without those seemingly poor choices that you have made in the past. Tough battles do leave their scars; As long as each of those scars has a story to tell, and an insight to teach, you are a better person with those than without them.

  1. thypolarlife says:

    Great post. There have been many of times that I have left a situation only to think about it later. There are lots of times I wish I would have handled it differently, said something I didn’t, or kept my moth shut when I’ve spoken my mind. It has all taught me things about myself and I have learned from these times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nobody says:

    @thypolarlife: Thanks for sharing your views. It’s nice to come across someone as amazing as you, and to know that you have drawn similar conclusions from your own varied experiences.

    One thing I have observed is that when we learn from our past actions, we gain new insights and that enables us to see possibilities that we have not considered in the past. Now the real trick seems to be, to make sure we don’t go judging our past actions in the light of these newly discovered possibilities that we have ignored in the past.

    PS: You have a really nice blog. I commend your courage to share the story of your childhood. I never knew that such a heart wrenching story could be narrated so beautifully.

  3. Anusha says:

    So true. If you realize that you’re looking at past from present which isn’t fair, your regrets in life reduce considerably.

    The other side of “learning from your scars” – I find it a bit difficult. I often see my mistakes have a tendency to repeat, and I feel worse to know that it is one thing to say/feel I learnt and quite another to actually learn from it. Then I think that may be some mistakes need to go through a few iterations before we grasp the real lessons, and I am okay to leave it at that.

  4. Nobody says:

    Your comment reminded me of this nice quote I came across a while ago:
    “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” -Heraclitus

    I agree that some things are harder to learn from than others. It seems anything that requires going against one’s natural disposition isn’t easy. And most of the things that we want to correct might actually involve working around our inherent ‘weaknesses’.
    There are two more classes of mistakes that we generally end up repeating. There are certain things we just don’t care enough about, and would keep repeating them because that is the default. And there are certain things that might be considered bad at a broader level, but are actually quite fun; the guilty pleasures if you will.

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