Shame on you Delhi

Posted: November 26, 2010 in india, rants, Uncategorized
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Yesterday night I came across a news article that literally jolted me out of bed. It was about the volume of crimes against women in Delhi. Harassments, molestation, gang rapes, and murders,  it seems are an everyday occurrence in Delhi. “The capital recorded 452 rape cases in 2009” the report says. That’s more than a rape a day, and those are just the reported ones. That’s shocking, disgusting, and sad. Are we living in a civilised society?How many beasts are living among us masquerading as humans? If we can’t protect our women from those beasts what is our law and order system for? It has completely broke down. In most cases the offenders are not even caught, let alone be convicted and punished. The police give one excuse or the other.

All the top leaders of the country are right there in the capital. Delhi is headed by a woman who is often projected as an able leader. And of course the supreme leader of our country, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi too lives there. Ladies, can’t you make the city you are living in, safe for your fellow women? All the talk about empowerment of women leads us nowhere if they can’t feel safe getting out of their homes. Can someone please put your foot down and say this has to change, and Delhi has to be made into a safe place for women to live and work? If you have to hook up every nook and corner of Delhi with CCTV cameras, and if you have to tag every male in the city with a GPS tracker, to control the violence against women, it would be worth doing.

Here is the article that I was referring.

  1. Anusha says:

    I am surprised that you did not know this about Delhi before.
    Even though I love the many wonderful things about Delhi, now that I’ve tasted life outside, I don’t want to go back to live there again for this very reason.

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