Life is what it is: an adventurous journey!

Posted: January 25, 2011 in abstract, life, love, poetry
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Sometimes it is hard to believe,
there isn’t someone up there with a big grin, saying,
“I got your back, go have fun in the adventurous journey that is life”.
Just like there are times that make you feel you have been given a really hard test.

But then, you are sure to lose your mind,
if you try too hard, to figure out what all this means.
Life is what it is, a journey sans any destination,
in the beautiful landscapes of this amazing world.
Sure, there are tough peaks to climb, and deep valleys to cross,
But there are also cool breezes whispering soft kisses,
and nice taverns full of ripe wine.
those joyful kids making playful chatter,
with chirpy birds singing melodies of yore,
along the long streams of voluptuous curves,
teasing among those distant mountains.
Life is indeed beautiful,
if you have the eyes to behold,
and the heart to cherish.

When there are beautiful sunny days here,
why do you complain of a dreadful winter,
of a long gone era?

Be thankful for what you have,
and be grateful for what you don’t,
for here you are, happy and healthy.
Share what you can, with those not so wealthy,
care when you can, for those in pain,
rare it is, for the good to go in vain.
Learn to rejoice the dance in rain,
you will never find a reason to complain.

Go live life to your heart’s content,
there is nothing to regret,
when you live in the moment;
yesterday was an experience while tomorrow is an imagination.
All that matters to you is here and now,
go have fun in the sunshine,
knowing everything would be fine.

  1. fiveloaf says:

    love your outlook on life.. here’s mine for this potluck..

  2. Jingle says:

    positive and beautiful message..

  3. Jingle says:

    welcome join us tonight at Jingle Poetry Potluck, have fun!
    Thanks for the inspirations and in your entries now..

    Happy Writing!


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