When your elevator tells you to take the stairs

Posted: March 24, 2011 in abstract, life

It kind of got hard-wired into me to be always conscious of my environmental footprint. In every tiny little thing that I do, I try to reduce the impact of my actions on environment. So, it is natural for me to avoid elevators and walk all the way up five floors in my apartment. Every once in a while, when I am in a hurry to go to office, I tell myself I can take the elevator if it is stationed in my floor. Interestingly, it never is; It is always in the basement when I want to go down. A similar thing happens when I come back late from office; I am too tired to walk up and I convince myself it is fine for me to go by the elevator but only if it is already in the basement. Then again it is never in the basement; It is either in the fourth or fifth floor. It struck me as odd that the elevator always seemed to be positioned in a floor far away from me. So, I started paying attention to the position of the elevator when I go out and come back. I have noticed a clear pattern there. When I start in fifth floor and want to reach basement, it is there mostly in basement. Where as when I am at basement and want to go up to fifth floor, it is there in fifth floor already. For a while it seemed like the universe is conspiring to keep me walking and keep me healthy 🙂  Then it occurred to me that the pattern I noticed can be completely explained when I consider the actions of other residents in the apartment, and the scheduling algorithm used in the elevator. This particular elevator, just like most others in its species, stays in whichever floor it was left at until someone calls for it. In the morning everyone is getting out to go to office, so they are leaving the elevator in the basement. Towards the night, everyone is coming back home, so, the elevator is usually left at one of the higher floors. That’s it; that is the explanation for the pattern that I noticed where I expected randomness. There is no apparent sleight of hand involving a mysterious force guiding my choice. I’m rather disappointed I have to say 😦

So many random things happen to us everyday in this world that is so amazingly connected. You can easily see a pattern in those random events. Is there a method behind this madness, just because you can connect those random events? Most likely, there is none. As Steve Jobs put it, you can always connect the dots looking back. All the hell breaks loose when you try to connect them looking forward. Well, it is both good and bad, depending on how you approach it, when you try to connect the dots into the future. That topic merits a post on its own, so I will save it for another day.

  1. awesomwe reflections.
    there are many things we never understand. but it is good to let it down on paper and feel relaxed.

    keep writing,..

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