This grand theatre (the universe)

Posted: June 7, 2011 in life, poetry
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I kneel before you
with my sword resting flat on my palms,
and my shield nowhere to be seen;
a broken spirit & a beaten soul
of a war-wounded warrior
weary of fighting,
a determined destiny that shouldn’t be,
& chasing a serendipity that isn’t.

This path, that is littered
with a million footsteps each day
of suffering souls celebrating & suffocating
on this tiny speck of rock and dust
All, in dancing to the tune of a molecule
double helix in shape and microscopic in size
with neither will nor soul
yet relentlessly pursuing a purpose
it doesn’t know exists.

The path that was pre-programmed a billion years ago
in chemical scum floating around in a lifeless ocean
oblivious of the wonderful night sky.
Was that to be my purpose?
Do you need another carbon alloy mould,
to join the ranks and march on orders,
to add to the falling footsteps on the beaten track?

Let me strive to be better than that
Let me aspire for greatness
Let me suffer for something higher
than the will of a chemical molecule.

This star-studded space,
& a fine tuned universe;
it’s all there for no reason?
Why set such a grand stage
if there isn’t a worthy act?
Why screen for a great cast
if all you need is replication.

  1. This is a great piece. Talks about purpose and destiny have always been my favorite subjects. 🙂

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