And the stupid continue to rule the clueless

Posted: June 21, 2011 in india, rants

Yesterday, I came across the following headline in India’s most popular English daily:

Ramesh says Centre plans to ban illegal sand mining soon

What does anything ‘illegal’ mean in this country? Doesn’t illegal mean something that one is not supposed to do; if so, why does the government have to ban each illegal activity separately?

It reminds me of few other idiotic laws that were enacted in recent memory. Sometime ago Maharashtra Govt. passed a law against attacks on doctors. I couldn’t really understand what that meant. Does it imply that before this law was enacted, one is allowed to attack doctors? or is it like since this law protects doctors, people in other professions can be freely attacked? what is the logic here?

Last year or so, Karnataka assembly passed a bill allowing the establishment of Azim Premji University. Really? we need the state assembly to pass a law every time we want to start a university? Now think of providing decent education to a billion people at this pace.

I am told Indian constitution is one of the largest in the world. Nothing to beat your chest about here unless you are the kind that takes pride in the joke ‘India is the largest democracy in the world’. If you know programming, you know that if it is an elegant solution it would be small. If it is filled with millions of special cases, there is something wrong with it.


What do you think?

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