A thought on thoughts

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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For thoughts to exist, there needs to be a thinker who thinks them. What does it mean to think? What is the nature of the thinker? The best way to observe the process of thinking is perhaps to pay attention to thoughts. If you have ever tried to bring your mind to stillness, you know that a constant stream of thoughts keep coming at you. If you pay attention and observe, there are thoughts that are coming at you. When you accept a thought and get involved in it, you start thinking it, and you get absorbed in it. Then you lose the difference between the thought and you, the thinker. You become one with the thought , you lose yourself in it. It becomes your reality. Joy, sorrow, hope, regret, worry, fear, planning; all these are mere thoughts. They are essentially separate from you, the thinker. You empower a particular thought by choosing to get yourself immersed in it, and  it becomes your reality. Then you are controlled by that thought and the feelings associated with it. If it is a happy thought, you are happy; If it is something to worry about, you are worried. It is sort of like you are a movie player, and all these thoughts are different movies. Those thoughts come with their preview/trailer to you to be played. Till you start playing them, you are not attached to those thoughts, and you have your separate existence. Once you start playing that movie, you get completely immersed in it, and that movie comes to define who you are. This process can be clearly observed if you pay attention to what is happening when you try to stop thinking and bring your mind to stillness.

  1. ashodara says:

    Repititive thoughts also leave tracks on your mind which makes it easier for thoughts of similar nature (positive/negative) to enter and occupy your mind with slightest stimulus.

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