When life imitates fiction

Posted: June 29, 2011 in abstract, life
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If you think you will never find yourself wearing the shoes of a Jane Austen character, you would be mistaken! But then, if you hope for a Jane Austen ending, you would be mistaken too.

Who among us hasn’t experienced a serendipitous moment when ‘you just know it happened for a reason’, and felt we are being guided towards our destiny? What do you do when you suddenly realise that the current predicament that you are in, was the imagination of a famous writer that lived two centuries before you were born? Every so often something incredulous happens to us. The most important thing is not what happens, but how we respond to what happened. Life is no fiction; it could be stranger than fiction, but it is not going to follow a predetermined pattern that leads to a climax that you consider plausible from where you stand. The thing with fiction is there is a writer; every character, every event in that piece of writing has a purpose and takes the plot forward. Life doesn’t come with a plot or a plan for that matter. Life happens; it happens like a cool breeze caressing the blooming blossoms on a lake shore, while the bees are busy collecting their nectar, and spreading the pollen without their knowing. It happens like a giant wave of tsunami capsizing a picnic boat. It just happens. Your job is to live each moment, and experience everything that is thrown your way. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans; you should, but you should know when to revise them. You should know when to stop resisting a course correction that you haven’t planned for. You should learn to relax and enjoy the journey when you do have to take a detour.


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