blessings of life

Posted: July 2, 2011 in life, love, poetry
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sound of the rain, and the smell of earth
light of the Sun, and the sight of full moon
flow of the wind, and the song of the mountain
stars of the night, and the sky at sunset
warm softness of mother’s bosom, and soft sob of the child
chirping of the bird at a distance, and its flying feathers
comfort of a soft pillow, and the healing touch of tears
first blossoms of the spring, and the fragrance of freshly cut flowers
bright color of fresh leaves, and the sprouting seeds
waves of the ocean, and cool shade under the tree
morning mist on grass, and the falling snow flakes
a warm bath after a hard day’s work, a cool breeze on a hot summer day
a smiling face on your way, and a helping hand on a tough day
patient ear of a friend, and the warm hug of a lover
an encouraging pat on your back, and the clapping sound of success
these are the blessings of life


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