The Lord weeps

Posted: July 23, 2011 in life, love
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O my child,  how long are you going to keep me waiting? won’t you ever get tired of your little games? Here I am patiently waiting, hoping you would come running for me. Do you remember your promise? Didn’t you say you would come back to me in the blink of an eye? How cruel of you to keep me waiting this long? Little one, it is about to get dark, come to me before it is too late. Come seeking my comfort when you still have strength to run on your feet and catch hold of me. You stubborn child, you ignore every messenger I send for you. You weep endlessly at the slightest interruption to your silly pastime, blaming me for all your misery. Heartbroken at your meaningless sorrow, I have to surrender to your tantrums, and pacify you by the only means that you see fit, by restoring your little game. Stupid kid, why do you love these worthless toys so much that you throw away my infinite love, and go chasing them. Is it not  my just right to get offended by your rude negligence? Wake up dear one, stop testing my love for thee. No matter how long you indulge yourself in your childish games, you have to come searching for me. Why are you so selfish, why do you call me only when you need me in the darkest of the hours. Why do you make me disappear when the Sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. You forget to spare a tiny thought for me in the pleasant weather. You call me as soon as it gets a little cold, to tide you over the cold winter. You tiny little tot, I am here carrying you on my shoulder, bearing all your burdens, giving everything you need, patiently waiting for you to return my love. Why are you so heartless, how much longer are you going to keep me waiting.


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