Airtel, your fall will come soon

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have been asking to change my bill plan to ‘Special value 399 – kk’ since last November. Every time I make a request, the customer care people say they have placed the request. But the plan is not activated. When I call the customer care again to follow up, they place me on hold forever and never get back till the call gets timed out and gets terminated. This has happened several times.
I again made a request on 18th March. I was given request number 102416227
, and was told that the plan would get enabled in 4 hours. But the plan change did not happen after 24 hours also. I contacted customer care again on 19th March to follow up, and when asked for the status of my request ‘102416227
‘ , I was placed on hold for an hour. The customer rep did not come back after an hour also. This is the worst kind of unprofessional behavior that Airtel customer had been showing of late.


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