Bye, Bye Sadashiv Nagar!

Posted: November 2, 2012 in From archives, Uncategorized

SadaShiv Nagar is perhaps one of the poshest localities in Bangalore. Many politicians, and actors live there. Kannada icon Raj Kumar’s house is also there in that place. I realized that this house is a landmark that many auto-rickshaw people recognize easily. When giving directions, it is really easy to instruct them to go to that area near Raj Kumar’s house. I was there in SadaShiv Nagar for close to three years. Three wonderful years during which I took full control of life and steered it in directions that even I wouldn’t have imagined earlier.

Following my ‘walk to work’ policy, I reluctantly moved out of Sadashiv Nagar to a setup that I wasn’t completely happy about. As it turns out, all my apprehensions about the new place are indeed real. There are many things that I miss about Sadashiv Nagar. I thought I would just file those thoughts without any specific agenda whatsoever.

It seems walkable neighborhoods is a lost  concept in our cities. Bangalore has very few neighborhoods where you can go for a nice walk outside. Sadashiv Nagar definitely is one of them. I miss the jogging track around Sankey Tank. Running there in full moon light watching the reflection of the moon dance gently in the waves of the lake was a memorable experience.

My landlords were also a good lot going by the standards of Bangalore.

Adieu Sadashiv Nagar; I miss ya;

[drafted Dec 2010]


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