Nehru, and children

Posted: November 14, 2012 in india
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A particular post on this blog titled ‘What did Nehru do for children?‘ got a lot of hits today. For a moment, I was wondering what would have caused it. But then, I remembered that today is celebrated as “Children’s day” in India, the day that Jawaharlal Nehru was born. Looks like a lot of people were curious to know why the heck do we celebrate Nehru’s birthday as children’s day. Here are some of the keywords that people used, to find the post that I mentioned earlier:

what did Nehru do for children, what did Nehru do for children in telugu, what exactly did nehru do for children?

  1. Shalley Gupta says:

    For starters, the wonderful compilation of letters to his daughter – “Glimpses of World History”!! For many, around India this book is an introduction to Indian and World History written for children. Those who care – do get hold of a copy of this book and then come back to answer the rhetorical question that you have asked.

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