Defacements continue

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

In my last post , I mentioned about a barbaric incident where centuries old idol of beautiful Vishnu was defaced. Today I saw two Ganesha idols in Shilparamam; both idols were defaced completely. These were made of metal. It must have taken someone  quite an effort to deface these metal idols. Just look into the western sky right across these idols in Shilpa Sandhya Vedika, and you would realize who was behind this defacement.

There are so many visitors, most of them oblivious to what is happening. Indians don’t have the slightest idea about the kind of threats they are under. They are being squeezed out of their own country, and they have no clue. It seems it would be too late before the majority of them realize what is being done to them. Whatever is happening to Yezidis in Iraq, the same fate is awaiting the Indians that adhere to the traditions of this ancient land. If I think practically, I don’t have any hope that Hindus can avoid the fate of Yezidis. They are running towards that fate blissfully in all their ignorance.


What do you think?

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