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Tell me how to be brave

Posted: June 23, 2016 in life
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I want to be brave. Tell me how to be brave” asked my darling son today before leaving for his school. I didn’t have an answer. As my eyes welled up, I asked if he is scared of anything in particular.”No, I am brave. I am not scared of anything” came back his reply.

I don’t want to forget this incident, and the feelings he was fighting as he reluctantly agreed to attend school today to make me happy. New school, new teacher, new classmates – I can understand how overwhelmed he is with all this. “There are too many people in the class” he declared on his second day at the new school. For a three year old who doesn’t like noise, it is not easy to be in a class of twenty strangers for the first time. He is fighting his battles bravely. I wish it doesn’t have to be this way, I wish we could stop demanding so much from our little ones.

Many times I am overwhelmed at the enormous responsibility parents have in helping their kids reach their full potential. Our fears push us to force the tiny toddlers to do what the world expects of them. Because we are not brave, and we are scared of the world, and the future, we are asking our little ones to be brave and face the world before they are ready; forcing them to bear burdens their little hearts shouldn’t have to.

I hope I will find in me the strength and wisdom to guide, and guard my son as he ventures into the world bravely. Time and again he makes me realize how blessed we are. Hope we can preserve his precious childhood from the harsh demands of this cruelty we call education.