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Very interesting debate about AI in the 1970s. I was impressed by what they could achieve in the 70s with primitive computers. Michie demonstrates a robot that can assemble toy cars. It is amazing they could pull off such vision analysis with those TV cameras.

It seems the Lighthill report caused UK Govt. to withdraw funding of AI research. Did Lighthill make a mistake and kill off AI progress in the UK? Could they have achieved more progress if funding continued?


“‘We have a predisposition to believe in God” so says research conducted by several independent groups led by Oxford university. That’s what I read in the newspaper (none other than the TOIlet paper) this morning. They didn’t mention which journal this research was published in. Anyway, the  conclusion from this research is not a surprise at all. But I do hope they had enough data from people who weren’t exposed to the idea of God in childhood. They also seem to have come to the conclusion that children easily believe in superhuman abilities because it is hard to understand natural limitations.