My heart is so stubborn, it won’t listen to my caution

Posted: December 7, 2010 in abstract, love, poetry

My heart is so stubborn, it won’t listen to my caution
It is racing for you without any preparation
says you are the most beautiful thing in the whole creation.

how do I convince myself that you are so unattainable?
Oh my angel, why are you being so cruel?
Why did you come calling on me with all your charms,
when you are not even going to give me a chance?

How do I control the inconsolable sorrow of my pounding heart?
You keep laughing while all my life is falling apart
Sleep has deserted me ever since your dancing eyes met mine
All my senses took a long leave of absence on the day we met
My brain has put itself in a comatose state the moment it saw that long braid of yours

Why does my stupid heart think you are so familiar?
why did you make all those fake promises, you liar?
you said you would always be there for me with your open arms and a cheerful smile.

Where have you disappeared when I need your patient ears?
how could you break our bonds of all those years?
won’t you come at least to wipe my tears?
my tender heart is being sliced with a million spears,
Yet I like this blissful pain; how stupid is this heart of mine,
to lust after the love of thine!
That silly insect which flies right into the fire,
is laughing at the futility of my desire!

[To that Kuchipudi dancer whose eyes could express every emotion that humanity had ever known]

Updated: Added the last two lines of the poem

  1. Jingle says:

    love this one, smooth word flow…

    brilliant writing…keep shining!

    I invite you to participate in poets rally week 34.
    follow the ping back link and place your poem in,
    poetry awards are assigned upon completion.
    Happy Tuesday!
    The Deadline is Wednesday!

    • Nobody says:

      Hi Jingle, Thanks for your kind words and the invitation!

      • Jingle says:

        I invite you to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

        let me know when you are ready.
        Merry Christmas…
        Stay Blessed….

        it is another week, hope to see you in..

  2. Seasweetie says:

    This is perfect – it reflects my sentiments right now. You have painted pain and passion with your words.

    Here’s my contribution to the Thursday Poet’s Rally:

    • introspeak says:

      Hey Seasweetie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s an amazing coincidence that we both had similar emotions to express through our words. When you said that the pain and passion I painted reflected your current sentiment, I sincerely hoped you were not really going through an heart ache.

      What a powerful sentiment you expressed through your words:
      “I do not want to lie in the bed we chose together
      Without the promise of your arms around me.”
      It sums up the deep pain in every heart that is ever broken.

  3. SeaGlass says:

    There’s a lot being said here- a case of show more, tell less. There are some fantastic literary renderings of this subject (Charlotte Bronte does it superlatively well, for example). I’d suggest you think about how and why your experience is unique to you- that is, why should the reader care about your description of this situation as opposed to the millions of others written on the same topic? Try and think about it from a sideways perspective- how is your understanding different from that of anyone else? Keep writing- I look forward to seeing more.

  4. very interesting poem and pure emotion of wanting to hold the loved one…

  5. Niroshan says:

    Angels are sometimes cruel… Don’t think your heart stupid..:) poem is a retrospection.. nothing is stable..:) good luck, write more

  6. Purvi says:

    This is rather dleightfully delectably cute.. I loved it! :))

  7. introspeak says:

    Thank you so much for paying compliments in so many adjectives Purvi 🙂 Coming from you, it means a lot.

  8. jingle says:

    Here is the end of the year awards 4 you, enjoy!

    End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You Are The Best!

    Link a poem to our potluck today, We send blessings all the way to brighten your day!

  9. Fyodor Lewis says:

    I think all who’ve experienced an unrequited love can relate to this.

  10. blakoleander says:

    This is such an great way to describe that feeling we all feel when our hearts push us to do something our mind is telling us not to…emotion is so raw and beautiful at the same time.

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